IDP (Improved District Performance)

Improved District PerformanceDistrict Managers play such a vital role in retail operations, as they are the bridge between each company’s management and the store.

Improved District Performance is 3.5-day course that has been designed to provide current and potential District Managers with the tools required to improve the performance and profitability of their district through the effective management of KPI’s.

Participants can expect to be in the driving seat of this course, as it is delivered in a highly participative and engaging manner. They will learn all about the role and responsibilities of a district manager, how to lead a district, and how to effectively measure and manage KPIs critical to their district's overall performance.  



What people have to say

Lai Teck Yuen, a district manager and buyer in Brunei, stated: “It’s good to have the opportunity to attend the course and meet other district managers from various countries. Attending the IDP course, I’ve realized that we have much to improve both for our customer service and staff product knowledge.” 

Frances Mbamba, a district manager from Bata South Africa, commented: “The course highlighted to me ways I can effect change in my team as a good leader, and how I can develop my team to succeed.” 


Learning Outcomes
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
  • The Company: The history of Bata, its rich heritage and values.
  • The Customer: How they have changed, what they expect, and the service standards needed for success.
  • Product Knowledge: Footwear types and styles, materials and components.
  • Bata 5 Step: Improve sales performance by applying the Bata 5 Step.
  • The Role & Responsibilities of a District Manager
  • Management & Leadership
  • Action Centered Leadership
  • KPIs of District Managers


Course Details

Course Start Date Tuesday, 7 June 2016
Course End Date Friday, 10 June 2016
Location Bata Training Academy for Latam (Santiago De Chile, Chile)
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