Audit & Teammate Training Program

Audit & Teammate

This is a 3 days program that has been designed with the objective to provide participants with a range of knowledge, tools and skills on internal audit and improve their performance and contribution to their company’s operation.

The objective of the three days audit training course will be to show to the participants the structures of the internal audit area on the organization, main responsibilities, audit ethic code, internal audit plan process, audit scope, audit resources, operations review structure and process. One of the main objectives of this course will be review of TeamMate system that is an integrated audit system selected by the organization to centralize the internal process within the organization, during two days the participants will review and discuss implementation of TeamMate, process, field work, reports and tools. The last part of the course will include an introduction of TeamRisk, the module in TeamMate that facilitates the evaluation, identification and monitoring of risks encountered in the company/organization.

Our goal is to give the participants tools, concepts and techniques for the development of their activities, to stimulate the curiosity of each participant to want to learn and how it impacts directly their personal effectiveness.

During the trainings session, participants will focus on the following topics:

  • Internal audit structure.
  • Operations review process; similarities and differences with internal audit
  • TeamMate (Concepts, Implementation process, reports)
  • Risk identification and Manage TeamRisk (TeamMate module)
  • Initiate development of common audit program for like processes i.e. Store audits
  • Set Priorities
  • Planning & Scheduling 
  • Action Planning


Course Objectives

  • Reinforce audit knowledge and skills
  • Standardize audit process, identification of issues, observations and recommendations
  • Explain the main objectives of the Operations review process, reports and implementation tracking
  • Review/Introduce TeamMate (Integrated audit system)
  • Concept and benefits
  • Audit planning process
  • Field work
  • Reporting
  • Tracking


Learning Agenda

Day 1: Day 2: Day 3:
  • Internal audit area structure
  • Internal audit plan process
  • Internal audit reports
  • Operation review process
  • Tracking issues identified during Operations Review
  • Reports, assessments and controls
  • TeamMate structures, concepts, general policies
  • How to create projects on TeamMate
  • How to manage, user resources on TeamMate
  • TeamMate concepts and Tools
  • Reports on TeamMate
  • TeamMate schedule
  • Concepts, tracking, general policies
  • TeamRisk concepts and objectives
  • Why perform manage risk on regular basis
  • Risk identification
  • Risk assessments


Course Details

Course Start Date Saturday, 16 July 2016
Course End Date Monday, 18 July 2016
Location Bata Training Academy for Asia Pacific (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
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