Sha Zam

SHA-ZAM is a 2-day program that has been designed to ensure Individual energy retrieval and activation of abilities in time of difficulty, freeze or standstill.

In SHA-ZAM participants will live experimentation of 8 behavioral formulas unyielding and doable useful to recover and exploit personal energy.

Every participants explores, through structured individual and team experiences, 32 different states of using personal energies.

The participants through a creative profiling will identify and customize useful energy sources, clear and close to each individual

The course will be held by “INFINITY – Unconventional Education”, an external training company with international expertise.


Course Objectives

To REVITALIZE decision making processes;  to ATTAIN DISCRETIONARY PERFORMANCE; to GET CONFIDENCE with necessary instruments to overcome downtime and recover both force and role motivation


Learning Outcomes
Day 1 Day 2

IGNIS: The energy that arises from time and continuous evolution

  • Insights on how to surf the difficulties and have a destination
  • No direction means No self-leadership


ANGER: The energy that arises from emotional outbursts

  • How to find the compassion and focus on Behaviors/performance rather than focusing on emotions and the person.
  • Confrontation Skills are essential management and relationship skills


CONTRAST: The energy that develops from oppositions and from the unusual

  • How we can use different part of selves to highlight issues and modify the partial perception people may have of ourselves.
  • Contrast allows people to understand different styles to manage and surprise coworkers and associates.


DANGER: The energy that springs out of exposure to risks

  • How we can use openness for trust building,  essential for gaining credibility and Leadership
  • How to allows people to reflect on individuals or activities that make them feel safe and ready to step out of the comfort zone

RHYTHM: The energy that is drawn from finding one own’s pace

  • How to getting out of the comfort zone (Danger) and find a group pace (managing collaboratively) allowing for mistakes and regaining focus while learning.
  • Repetition is the mother of all skills..


PERSEVERANCE: The energy that originates from not giving up

  • How to get raw feedback on own perception. Helps reduce blind spots
  • It helps to decide on which areas of development to work on in order to minimize dysfunctions
  • perceived by others or fruit or increased awareness.


MAGIC: The energy gained from creating the extra-ordinary

  • How to change the present for the better.
  • The link to overcome obstacles is inherent and the engagement derives from individual understanding and positive emotions.


PRAYER: The energy of hope

  • Spiritual aid to complete the wholeness of a human being. Growth is a principle and partcipants learn how not to leave it to chance.
  • How to step out of the void.
  • How to avoid fillers of little or no value.


Course Details

Course Start Date Friday, 9 October 2015
Course End Date Saturday, 10 October 2015
Location Bata Training Academy, China (Guangzhou)
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