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China Footwear Services Hosts Dynamic Step-Up Program

Sixteen promising employees from China Footwear Services recently attended an inspiring four-day training course in Guangzhou. The Step-Up program was organized by Elena Rizzo, organization and development manager.

Participants had the unique opportunity to learn about the DiSC Model, which helps to better understand behavioral styles. One of the participants, Ruby Duan, HR assistant, found the model most useful and shared, “The DiSC model helps me to find the most effective way to communicate with people of different styles, and it is useful in both work environment and personal life. I believe we can achieve better results with the appropriate application of DiSC.”

The sessions on time management and effective presentation were also informative and practical. Through a series of group discussions, exercises and role plays, participants became more aware of how to use time effectively and which areas they should pay attention to when doing a presentation. Rizzo was delighted with the final group presentations and commented, “You have all improved tremendously compared to the beginning of this session. Your progress is impressive and I am proud of you all.”

In the closing session, Managing Director Catherine Choo expressed her thanks on behalf of CFS to Elena Rizzo for hosting this program. In light of the experience Choo said:

“The Step-Up program shows our organization's commitment to help its employees grow both professionally and on a personal level. This is an investment in our people, and it will benefit Bata in the long run.”

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