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Bata Kicks Off Merchandise Strategy Course in Indonesia

The first Merchandise Strategy Plan training course took place on March 23-24, and was attended by 26 enthusiastic participants from Bata Indonesia.

The customer service team, together with the assistance of Bata Peru and Bata India, has created the two-day training course for Bata employees dealing with product.

The course, which will be run in all regions, helps buyers and merchandise departments to build the most appropriate collection by analysing their customer profiles, store concepts and product range. It teaches participants how to analyse key performance indicators in order to ensure that all collections contribute to the improvement of sales, margins and faster stock turnover.

Jessica, a buyer for Marie Claire, and one of the participants on the course, commented: “The course has been very engaging and informative. It gives a chance for us buyers to re-evaluate our buying strategies, applying our ideas and knowledge of our customers to create a winning formula to market a successful product."

She added: “The course touched both our analytical and creative skills and offered a great learning package for all. It was indeed a fun and inspiring experience, and I am grateful to have been able to join this course.”

Dewi Wulandari, a Family Concept buyer, stated: “We need to know our customer; their needs, wants and desires, in order to have a good understanding of our market and, from there, build the right collections. The course also re-emphasized that planning is important, but that the actual execution of the plan is key to being successful."

Roberto Longo, president for customer service, was also present during the course, and he took the time to share some of his experience with the participants. Also in attendance were Carlos Garces, company manager of Bata Indonesia, and course trainers Gerard Slotboom, Enrico Bettella and Jim Livingstone.


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