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Product Knowledge Course Gets Resounding Endorsement from All

The Bata Training Center in Guangzhou, China deepened buyers’ understanding of products through a five-day training course held in April. It was the second time this international program was offered at the center, and once again all of the available places were snapped up by buyers.

Product Knowledge for Buyers is designed to help participants make better buying decisions by walking through shoemaking step by step. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the participative training method, which allowed them, for example, to design and make by hand their own ballerina shoe in the lab of China Footwear Services.

They also learned about different types of shoes, how to distinguish between various raw materials, and how to calculate shoe cost.

Andrea Orrego Lopez, North Star and Weinbrenner brand manager at Bata Colombia, was one of the participants. He said after the conclusion of the course: “I had such an amazing time learning, improving and meeting wonderful people. Not only my classmates, but course instructors Jim Livingstone, Guillermo Velasquez, Cristian Barato, Sulthan Syed and Stefano Dolci, who shared with us all their knowledge and support.

"I had an idea of what the course would be like, but as soon as I entered the room I realized I was about to have one of the most amazing experiences in Bata. During the course I felt the need to know even more, and this was beyond all my expectations for the topic.”

Elena Rizzo, head of training for Bata, attended the sessions in a supervisory capacity. It was her first experience of the full five days of this course.

What was her assessment? She enthusiastically endorsed the course’s balance of theory and practice and said it enhanced her awareness of shoe construction as both fascinating and complicated.

“I believe participants will get out of these five days a great amount of information and know-how they will then utilize in their job by becoming more efficient and skilled. This course is fundamental to have an overview about the processes behind the development of a shoe,” she commented.

“Even though this course has been developed mainly for the ‘buyer’ audience, I think it could be of great interest for any position, and I hope in the future more and more people will participate.”

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