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From Far and Wide, Merchandising Managers Focus Together on Trends

The day before the start of Bata International’s most recent Shoeline Review Meeting in Guangzhou, China, merchandising managers from 16 Bata companies convened for a timely workshop about trends. The main goal was to help participants build collections by theme, reducing the number of lines in favor of depth per line.

“Trends Workshop for Merchandising Managers” was led by ARS Sutoria. Bata worked closely with this international institute, which is dedicated to the art of footwear and leather goods, to develop trend stories for the winter season.

And ARS Sutoria collaborated with Bata Latam and China Footwear Services to combine their inspirations and proposals with macro consumer profiles in order to present the workshop participants with not only products but stories. During the workshop, facilitator Elena Marradi unveiled four trend stories, each a presentation on a different trend: the Gourmet, Rock the Gunge, Mash Up, and American Asian Flow.

In the afternoon, the 23 merchandising managers were divided into four teams by region, with the task of selecting products to buy. After two hours of teamwork, each group made a final presentation.

“Personally, I think that this kind of workshop is key to start serious work to help and update knowledge about fashion and markets for the shoe and accessories business,” Marradi commented. “I think that participants experienced a moment of sharing both with other participants – from the same region but also from all other countries – and with the facilitator. It is not easy, in my experience, to find such a diverse audience and a real possibility to work directly on trends, consumers and style.”

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