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Bata Training Center Program Focuses on Inter-Regional Cooperation

The Bata Training Center recently held a product development training program from May 3 to 9 at China Footwear Services in Guangzhou.

Attending the meeting were 15 participants from the product development department of Bata Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Kenya, Zimbabwe, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and CFS.

The aim of the program was to encourage all product development departments to work in unison, despite being located in different countries. The main objective of the meeting was to implement a number of projects to be jointly produced and distributed to Bata stores and non-retail sales division customers.

This approach will prove beneficial in terms of allowing better economies of scale regarding equipment, speed of implementation, better quality technical designing and raw material sourcing. It will also enable the standardization of all departments with the same set of tools and the creation of an updated manual to ensure all companies use the same procedures.

On the first day of the meeting, participants visited the China Import and Export Fair in order to look for ideas for new collections. An open discussion followed, during which participants began the process of implementing three new global projects aimed at achieving the meeting's objectives: the sharing of knowledge, and the standardization of efficient Bata practices.

Fabio Bellini, manager of product development for manufacturing at the Bata Shoe Organization, and training leader for the course, stated: "I am glad that I got the opportunity of having all these professional people in one place. It will enhance the potential of our production departments in creativity and technical processes, making our manufacturing more profitable."

In addition, some suppliers, such as Torielli, were invited to present their latest technology innovations, to expand Bata's digital shoe designing in the future.

Participants commented that the information they had learned would make a big difference in the way they worked, and were particularly impressed with the goals of the meeting, giving them inspiration and a desire to continue to improve.

Fernando Garcia, Group managing director of manufacturing, stated: "I am confident that this first meeting with all product development managers will create an impact on our manufacturing facilities in terms of improving productivity and profitability, focusing on the collection, and being able to use, in full, our production capacity throughout the whole process. Our product development departments will now work in a more systematic way on some collections, sharing the projects, and sourcing from the same mold makers."

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