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Second Merchandise Strategy Plan Course Held in Colombia

On May 21 and 22, the second edition of the Merchandise Strategy Plan training course was held at the Bata Columbia offices in Manizales. The course has been developed to assist people dealing with product in the merchandising department in choosing the best possible products for the coming seasons.

The second edition of the course, which is being run throughout the organization, was attended by 16 buyers and other employees, along with Claudio Alessi, company manager of Bata Colombia; Roberto Longo, president for customer service, and course trainers Gerard Slotboom and Enrico Bettella. Also present were Roberto Ramos and Jair Lopez, who will now be the train-the-trainers for the Latam region.

The key elements of the course concern understanding Bata customers and their needs, enabling buyers to select the right products for them. The course also deals with the merchandising KPIs (key performance indicators) that are important for a buyer, and it discusses how to calculate and influence them.

Carol Garcia, a buyer for Aquarella, commented: “The practical exercises regarding the KPIs, and their applicability in my daily work, are a great help.”

Besides customer profiles and KPIs, the course focuses on identifying findings from previous seasons, as well as studying upcoming trends. By combining each one of these factors, buyers are able to prepare tailored collections that meet customer requirements, leading to satisfied customers and great sales.

Natalia Sanchez, a buyer for Bata Colombia, stated: “My passion is product development, and identifying the fashion trends and identifying our customer is very important in order to create great collections.”

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