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Developing Facilitation Skills at Bata Training Center

Twenty trainers and soon-to-be trainers from a variety of Bata companies participated in the “High Impact Facilitator” course, an immersive three-day workshop that took place at the Bata Training Center, Guangzhou, from July 24 to 26.

The workshop was designed to help improve the impact and effectiveness of training by understanding how people learn, transitioning from presenters to facilitators. It was also designed to help prepare future trainers of the new “Store Sales Improvement” and “Merchandising Strategy” courses.

Culminating with group training demonstrations, the training session explored various topics critical to effective facilitation; from understanding learners and their learning styles, to cooperative learning, experiential learning and problem-based learning strategies.

Jim Livingstone, the facilitator, commenting on the importance of the workshop, stated: “Training is critical to human capital development, increased productivity and employee engagement. This cannot happen without highly effective facilitators and an expertly designed curriculum.”

The highlight of the workshop was a series of four group training demonstrations, where participants had to design, develop and deliver a 30-minute learning activity using content from the “Store Sales Improvement” and “Merchandising Strategy” courses.

Enrico Bettella, retail sales enhancement manager, commented: “The training course was both interesting and useful. Participants were divided into different groups, and had the opportunity to interact with each other and with the facilitator. This was a good way to share experiences, and to better understand the key items and the do’s and don’ts when delivering a training session.”

Mifta Naim Huda, retail merchandising manager at Bata Bangladesh commented: “The workshop was very well organized, with a high level of professionalism. The facilitator was detailed as always, catching on to everyone’s comfort zones while guiding us during challenging moments. I’m sure I will be a lot more alert when interacting with people or groups, since the smallest gestures can be interpreted differently. Of course, to be given an opportunity to facilitate upcoming courses with my home country is very exciting.”

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