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Buyers Are First in Line at New CFS Training Center

The training center of China Footwear Services was inaugurated with a new program for buyers. The first course to be held at the Guangzhou office concluded on November 8. Organized by Bata Brands, the course focused on product knowledge and was aimed at Bata buyers from around the world.

The training program was the first of its kind and the first ever for the CFS training center. Bata plans to take advantage of all future Shoeline Review Meetings in Guangzhou to offer two or three training activities for buyers and managers.

The five-day “Product Knowledge for Buyers” was highly participative. The objective of the course was to help buyers understand every aspect of shoemaking. With their new knowledge and skills, these buyers will be able to make better buying decisions.

The 18 participants hailed from Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Singapore. Four experts in their respective fields facilitated the course: Cristian Barato taught shoe design, Guillermo Velasquez explained materials selection and the production process, Sulthan Syed was in charge of costing and Stefano Dolci served as the reference for shoe construction.

The participants were appreciative of the instructors and the opportunity to learn. Men's category buyer Diego Caero said, “This course was from the beginning a great opportunity from every point of view as a BSO employee. I strongly believe that in order to be a complete buyer I need to thoroughly understand the processes involved in shoemaking. The senior Mr. Bata believed that every employee in the company should know about shoes, and through the course I have seen and experienced this with my own hands by drawing patterns and getting to know the processes for leather, PU and outsoles in different factories in China that we had the opportunity to visit. The facilitators are truly experts that cleared every doubt and question that we all had. I can´t wait to start putting my knowledge not only in practice for myself as a buyer but also to enrich all those who work close to me in Bolivia.”

Marie Claire accessories buyer Jessica Claire was also enthusiastic. “I felt I gained a vast amount of understanding about the various techniques and skills needed in producing good and approval-ready quality footwear. I look forward to more similar sessions soon.”

The course was carried out with the support of CFS. President Roberto Longo noted, "Training our teams is necessary to disseminate the ‘Bata culture’ while helping people to broaden their know-how and deepen their knowledge to grow successfully together with our organization."

Davide Zornetta, Group human resources director, oversaw the course organization. He commented, "After the launch of the Thomas Bata Footwear Training School in Batanagar last July, the launch of the CFS Training Center in Guangzhou is another step toward our goal of inspiring our people to outstanding performance and giving them the tools to achieve it."

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