Training from BWN

Boosting District Managers’ Leadership and Communication Skills

In July, trainers brought the Store Sales Improvement course to Durban, South Africa to engage district managers from Bata Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

District managers are the “eyes and ears” of the company, as they are in the field implementing the company’s instructions in stores. The Store Sales Improvement course is tailored to their needs, with leadership and clear communication two key elements the 16 participants worked on during the two-day training program.

Leadership is the process of influence that enlists the support of others in the accomplishment of a task. Communication is the process of transferring information without losing its meaning. The role of district manager entails demonstrating mastery of both.

The skills are intertwined. Most problems that occur in an organization are the result of people failing to communicate, so the ability to communicate directly and effectively impacts the ability to manage and lead. Truly great leaders are excellent communicators, sharing their and the company’s vision with clarity. Leaders also build strong relationships and inspire others with energy, passion and integrity.

During the course, trainers Enrico Bettella and Gerard Slotboom had district managers reflect on the fact that store employees should follow them for what they represent, not for their position alone.

Wendell Matambo, a participating district manager from Bata Zimbabwe, said, “The course was interactive and required participation from everybody. This gave me the chance to talk to the other district managers and find out more about their operations and styles of management and leadership. Moreover, I clearly understood the importance of clear communication in order to be efficient.”

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