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Bata Training Academy: A Year of Achievements Includes Big Plans

To help Bata achieve excellence, the human resources team of Bata Brands created the Bata Training Academy: a global initiative designed to encourage and foster a culture of continual learning and development among the companies and their employees. The project has made rapid strides in a little over a year.

The Bata Training Academy was set up with the aim of providing local Bata companies with a variety of instructor-led and virtual training courses that can be delivered at nominated training centers or over the Internet.

In April 2014 the first Bata Training Academy Center opened in Guangzhou, China, and since then, more than 300 Bata employees have benefited from attending various best-of-breed training courses that the academy had to offer.

Since the demand to participate in these courses has been growing, and in line with Bata’s mission to attract and retain talent, an additional Bata Training Center is to be launched in Limuru, additional Bata Training Center is to be launched in Limuru, Kenya. The first courses will be offered in November, with the center up and running with a full range of programs by early 2016.

The Bata Training Academy catalogue covers three main areas: managing business, managing others, and managing and developing self.

The sphere of “managing and developing self” incorporates many aspects of people's professional lives and aims to make them better. The courses are designed to develop key skills and techniques needed to increase self-awareness and build personal impact, influence and effectiveness in dealings with the self, personal workloads and others.

In the “managing business” area, there are a series of specific courses to equip participants with the know-how and skills to enhance their everyday job effectiveness and performances in their business area.

Finally, “managing others” courses are designed to give participants the knowledge and skills required to be effective leaders, successfully managing a team and dealing with different types of people.

Another technical area, which is crucial for Bata, is design and pattern-making. In order to guarantee the best tools to designers and technicians, we have developed a long-term collaborative relationship with the prestigious Ars Sutoria School, which has been organizing courses in the field of shoes and bags since 1947.

While 2015 represents the consolidation of the BTA center in Guangzhou and the starting up of the BTA in Limuru, the goal for 2017 is to become an accredited academy.

The vision is for the academy to be structured as a learning roadmap. In order for employees to hold higher roles, they should have participated, and earned credits, in specific training programs.

“As head of training I’m delighted to have the chance to be an active actor in this exciting process of consolidating and starting up new Bata Training Academy Centers,” Elena Rizzo commented.

“Through these centers, all Bata employees have great opportunities to learn and develop themselves on one hand, and on the other hand they have the unique chance to meet people and colleagues from other countries and other cultures. Beyond the learning part, which of course is pivotal for the professional growth of each of us, I would like to underline the human part, which includes sharing, getting an open view and feeling part of a worldwide family.”

For more, the BTA website provides a full overview of courses, a program calendar and Bata World News coverage of training activities. Plus, the section called “an eye on the world” provides a glance at what is happening outside the Bata world.

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