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Time Is of the Essence for CFS Training Course

On Oct. 4, China Footwear Services (CFS) held a one-day personal development training program at the Bata Training Center in Guangzhou, on the subject of time management.

The program has been designed with the objective of providing participants with a range of strategies and skills to improve their personal effectiveness.

The course was attended by 15 participants from various Bata companies including Kenya, South Africa, Chile, Bolivia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and Singapore.

The objective of the Time Management course is to show participants how to improve their performance, by dropping bad habits and replacing them with new time management techniques. The program covers a range of topics including: setting goals and priorities; the time management model; planning and scheduling; and personal action planning.

Course facilitator Elena Rizzo, who is head of training for Bata, stated: “Time Management is a course that explores various techniques, such as delegation, negotiation and how to give corrective feedback. If these skills are applied properly, all of us can surely manage our time in a more effective and efficient way.”

Michelle De Lange, brand manager of Tomy Takkies, and course participant, commented: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to take part in this course. I felt it was invaluable to me. The beauty of this training is that it impacts every aspect of one’s life, and it has made me review the way my team work and manage their tasks, how I manage my own workload, and also how I view and manage my work-life balance.”

She added: “The training was done in a very visual way, and this, combined with teamwork, really stood out for me as I can easily recall the tools and training to use in the future.”

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