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Personal Energy Training Course Gives Staff the Power to Change

On Oct. 9 and 10, the Bata Training Center, Guangzhou, hosted the Shazam two-day training course, aimed at helping participants rediscover energy in their personal and working lives.

The course, run by Infinity Unconventional Education, addressed the question of how to find energy in difficult moments, and how to use that energy in the most effective way.

Infinity is an external training company with a wealth of international expertise, and the course was run through structured, individual and team experiences. During the course, participants discovered eight behavioral formulas to recover and exploit their personal energy, and learned how to make use of this energy in their lives.

Sabine Baron, course facilitator, commented: “This course has been developed around the metaphor of the wizard Shazam, one of the world's most famous comic book characters. The wizard Shazam gives Billy Batson the power to transform into superhero Captain Marvel every time he shouts his name. Based on this metaphor about getting new power and motivation, participants had the opportunity to discover the best use of eight different energy sources to empower themselves and to develop their potential.”

The course examined the best and worst ways of using energy, in order to help staff identify those elements that prevent them from acting efficiently, and also addressed methods of resolving these problems to enable staff to improve.

Janet Hidalgo, regional North Star product manager from Bata Chile, stated: “The program helps us to understand how we can improve our own internal processes, learning to recognize ourselves in different situations, and how we can use our energy to activate others, and to improve the environment for those around us, both in our work environment, and our life.

Ashish Bansal, a product category manager from Bata India, added: “Attending the course was an enriching experience, full of action and learning. It helped me to find the hidden energies that I couldn’t discover on my own. Furthermore, I now have a clear idea of where I need to focus more to have a better personal as well as professional life.”

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