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New Bata Training Academy in Kenya Holds First Courses

The newly opened Bata Training Academy in Kenya hosted its first training programs in November, with three courses running from Nov. 23 to 28.

Across the period, a total of 32 participants from South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe attended the three courses: Time Management, Influencing and Effective Relationships and Negotiation Skills.

The Time Management course was held on Nov. 23, and was facilitated by Elena Rizzo, head of training for Bata. This course was designed to show participants how to improve their performance, by dropping bad habits and replacing them with new time management techniques. Topics discussed during the training included goal setting, planning, delegation of duties and procrastination, among others.

Commenting after attending the course, John Loris Lokonje, a planning assistant from Bata Kenya remarked: “The course was highly interactive, and the facilitator did an excellent job. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot.”

The second course, Influencing and Effective Relationships, was held from Nov. 24 to 25. It was again facilitated by Rizzo, and sought to provide participants with a range of skills, behaviors and attitudes necessary to create effective relationships, and obtain desired results without relying on the use of authority.

Rizzo, commenting on the attendees, stated: “I was overwhelmed by the participation and warmth expressed by the participants. They have shown dedication and passion, and I look forward to delivering more training at the Bata Training Academy of Africa.”

The Negotiation Skills Workshop, facilitated by trainer Jim Livingstone, was run at the new center from Nov. 26 to 28. This highly interactive program was designed to provide participants with the tools they require to negotiate win-win deals.

Discussing her experience, Grace Mudede from Bata Zimbabwe stated: “The course was very informative, and I have no doubt that the skills I learned in this course are going to be an influential tool. I look forward to sharing them with my colleagues in Zimbabwe.”

All those who attended the courses described the experience as highly positive, saying the training had given them insight into how to handle a variety of workplace challenges.

Fred Mpira, a participant from Bata Malawi, observed: “The training inspired the participants to higher levels of knowledge and skills in dealing with different situations, both at work and at a personal level. It was a wonderful experience for me, and a timely encounter. I feel that more such training should be run, in order to continue to develop a better workforce.”

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