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China Provides Further Opportunity to Improve Negotiating Skills

From Jan. 22 to Jan. 24, the Bata Training Center in Guangzhou held another edition of the Negotiation Skills Workshop course, after the recent quarterly Shoeline Review Meeting that was held in the same city.

The Negotiation Skills Workshop is a two-and-a-half-day course that has been designed to provide participants with the tools they require to plan for and successfully negotiate win-win deals. As the course is designed for anyone who needs to negotiate with others in their work, it is suitable for participants from any area of the business who fit these criteria.

The latest edition of the workshop saw 15 employees take part, from merchandising, product development, costing and operations departments. As well as a high level of participation from CFS employees, there were also participants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, India and Indonesia.

The course, facilitated by Jim Livingstone of Northpoint, focused on a variety of important topics: Fundamentals of Negotiation, Communication and Influencing Skills, Phases in Negotiation, Tactics of Effective Negotiation and Closing the Deal. All topics were supported with a wide range of activities that included role-plays and group activities, based on real case studies.

The course was well-received by all participants, with many commenting on the importance of the skills they had learned, and how they intended to apply them in their work.

April Liang, logistics supervisor for China Footwear Services, stated: “This is really helpful because my job requires me to negotiate with different parties during the export process. In the course and role-playing exercise, I learned about transposition thinking, and how to prepare the negotiations better.”

Fahima Pervin, senior brand officer for Marie Claire and Bata ladies dress heel category for Bata Bangladesh, had a similar opinion, commenting: “I believe the course is very beneficial for us to become better problem solvers, and to learn how to navigate our way through conflict and disputes with greater ease. As our participants were from different countries and departments, we shared our experiences and problems, which can help us with real life scenarios."

Budi Harta, business development manager for Bata Indonesia, added: “This is a very interesting workshop. We are faced with negotiations all the time in life and the workplace.
This workshop gives clarity on how each planning stage is important in every negotiation, in order to be successful. In my opinion, every manager should have this skill and attend this course, not just for the business but because it will change their mindset to always look for win-win in any situation, which is very important for relations and business sustainability."

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