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New Bata Training Academy Holds First Courses in Malaysia

The newly opened Bata Training Academy in Kuala Lumpur recently hosted its first training programs, with two courses running from March 3 to 10. The inaugural courses were the Bata 5 Step Train the Trainer and Improving District Performances.

A total of 33 participants from eight countries attended the courses, with representatives from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, and, for the first time, participants from Singapore, Brunei, Timor-Leste and the Philippines.

Bata 5 Step Train the Trainer, held from March 3 to 5, is a course designed to provide training to managers and those involved in training sales associates and store managers with the tools needed to facilitate an effective Bata 5 Step training course. The new course helps store managers, sales associates and anyone involved in customer-facing sales to improve their sales and customer service.

"Jeremiah Chong, a district manager from Bata Malaysia, commented: “In short, I’d like to say that it was truly a fun, interactive and informative program. I have found the training to be essential both in theory and practice, and I will definitely carry this knowledge and apply it to stores under my care. I believe that this will, in return, improve not only the Bata business but the customer shopping experience as well.”

Julian Ong, store manager at the Peninsula Flagship store in Singapore, added: “It was a fun learning experience, filled with lots of exciting activities, such as group discussions, role plays and lots of examples and videos from the trainer.”

The Improved District Performance (IDP) course, held from March 7 to 10. is designed to provide current and potential district managers with the knowledge required to improve the performance and profitability of their district.

Lai Teck Yuen, a district manager and buyer in Brunei, stated: “It’s good to have the opportunity to attend the course and meet other district managers from various countries. Attending the IDP course, I’ve realized that we have much to improve both for our customer service and staff product knowledge.”

The Bata Training Academy will continue to host programs and courses for all countries in the Asia Pacific region.

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