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First Audit Training Course Held in South Africa

The Bata Training Academy held its first Audit and TeamMate training course at the Bata South Africa offices in Durban, from April 10 to 12. The course is designed to provide those involved in internal audit departments with a range of strategies and skills in order to improve effectiveness.

A total of eight participants attended the course from Bata Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Jean Maltais, operations review director for the Bata Group, also joined the training session to share his expertise, gained from over 26 years with the company.

The course was opened by Ronjoy Sengupta, acting Group managing director of Africa, and he welcomed the participants and explained the goals and initiatives for Africa and his expectations of the audit and operations review function.

The three-day program was facilitated by Cesar Villa, who has more than 20 years’ experience working with Bata companies. As well as providing participants with new skills and strategies, the course also introduces a risk-based approach to the current methodology.

The goal for the program is to ensure that participants maximize the use of the TeamMate model, an integrated audit system, to identify and develop a standard audit program for common activities, such as stock counts and store audits. Additionally it explains the risk module and its use in conjunction with the TeamRisk management initiative.

Sengupta stated: “Tracking best practices and setting improved benchmarks is critical to achieving our goals. I have met a very energetic and talented team of internal auditors through this meeting, and I look forward to working closely with each one of them going forward.”

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