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International Training Program in China Focuses on Building Effective Relationships

On the heels of the April Shoeline Review Meeting in Guangzhou, China, 17 Bata people from eight different companies took part in the Bata Training Academy’s Influencing and Effective Relationship Program.

Elena Rizzo, head of training for Bata, was the facilitator of the course. Her goal for the two days was to provide participants with a range of skills, behaviors and attitudes to create effective relationships and obtain desired results without relying on the use of authority.

In this iteration of the course, to give participants a deeper learning experience, Rizzo spent the first day focusing on effective relationship building and the DISC behavioral style model. The second day was dedicated to the topic of influencing, and participants were guided through an analysis of various communication and influence styles in the workplace.

There was a good mix of backgrounds among the participants. They came from China Footwear Services as well as Bata Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Sabastian Henao Rojas, City shoe merchandiser at Bata Colombia, commented, “I found it really useful for my professional and personal life, developing the tools to understand others well based on their personal characteristics and to create a communication strategy depending on each individual. It was also really useful to identify key points of my own personality that I must work on, in order to have a more fluent relationship with my co-workers and in general with everyone. 

“It has also given me the goal to be proactive in every single aspect of my life, looking forward to a continuous evolution. I must highlight the good organization of the course and even more the excellent job Ms. Rizzo did as a facilitator.”

His colleague Aakash Koparkar, retail manager at Bata India, also appreciated the course. “Influencing and Effective Relationships was a very helpful course, and I completely enjoyed it. It was a valuable learning experience for me and I am surely going to use the tools to enhance my professional productivity. I thank Elena for this wonderful program and experience.”

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