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AW Lab Concludes Widespread Training Program for Sales Staff

AW Lab recently concluded a training program involving its Sales and HR departments. The aim of the course was to provide staff with new sales techniques, and offer more detailed knowledge of some of the most important sneaker brands and products.

The program began in September 2015, and was concluded at the end of April this year. It involved more than 800 staff from around the Italian peninsula and Spain, including AW Lab stores and all sales staff belonging to the franchising formula.

As well as addressing issues of sales techniques and product knowledge, the course also examined a variety of shoemaking methods, and the values of the AW Lab brand.

The training was prepared and conducted by project leader and district manager Moreno Cavasino, in collaboration with district manager Francesco Ferrante and Fabrizio Gangale, Bata and AW Lab training manager.

Ilaria Annunziata, a store manager in Rome, commented: “This training was very interesting, positive and interactive. There was no time to be bored. I learned many different facts about AW Lab. I also expanded my knowledge of sales techniques, and learned how to manage objection. The course had a very positive effect on our mood. Thank you very much for such a great experience!” 

As usual, the training was characterized by a lot of active participation from the students, who included sales staff and all store managers. Participants commended the professional way in which the course was run, and also appreciated the course’s content and organization.

Ruben Fenix Millan, a store manager in Barcelona, added: “The course was absolutely amazing. I learned so much about different types of shoemaking. We had a really good time there, had very nice conversations and were all in a very good mood.”

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