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Bata Malaysia Holds Merchandising Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

From May 18 to 20, Bata Malaysia hosted a Merchandising and Stock Allocation workshop at their offices in Kuala Lumpur. A total of 20 participants attended the event from eight different countries, with the aim of updating inventory processes in terms of demand planning, allocation and in-season-real-time adjustment.

The course was organized by Paolo Grassi, company manager of Bata Malaysia, and the response from Bata Malaysia’s invitation to the workshop was overwhelming. Those attending the event included business managers, buyers, merchandising managers and distributors, with representatives from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and China.

Grassi commented: “We are very proud to host this training workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Inventory is one of the most important assets of any retailer, and is the key to success in a retail business. We hope to pass on the knowledge and to share the best practices in the region with the key people in our business.”

In addition to improving inventory processes, the workshop also sought to develop a preliminary strategy for the region’s new omni-channel distribution, and to analyse the key drivers of inventory productivity. Finally, the participants were asked to define inventory benchmarks for each company.

Mandy Koh, planning manager from Bata Singapore, added: “Having been an OTB controller for many years, this is definitely a fruitful course. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of course leaders Paolo Grassi, Mr. Perconanti and Mr. Ramos in making the course an interesting one, and for sharing with us the European model of stock allocation as well as KPIs. The course provided us with better knowledge to enhance our work efficiency.”

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