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Bata Training Academy Holds Two More Courses in Kenya

The Bata Training Academy Africa recently hosted two courses at its Limuru Training Center, between May 23 and 29. The first was the Product Knowledge course, facilitated by Jim Livingstone, which took place from May 23 to 27.

The second program was a two-day Situational Leadership course which ran from May 28 to 29, and was facilitated by Elena Rizzo, head of training for Bata.

The courses were opened by Alberto Errico, company manager of Bata Kenya, and saw 29 participants take part from Bata Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Malawi and Zambia.

The four-and-a-half-day Product Knowledge program was designed to help Buyers understand every aspect of shoemaking, and to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to make better buying decisions. Assisting Livingstone with the course were Monzur Morshed, product development manager, and Michael Rutto, costing manager, both highly skilled and experienced footwear specialists.

The course covered every aspect of shoemaking, from understanding materials, the principles of design and shoe construction methods, to various manufacturing processes. Livingstone stated: "The ability to design, develop, manufacture and effectively sell shoes that our customers truly value is critical to sustainable long-term growth. The Product Knowledge course aims to help with this, as it provides learners with a thorough understanding of every aspect of shoemaking." 

The Situational Leadership course aimed to highlight the fact that the leader’s role has shifted dramatically in recent years. Rizzo explained: "In the past, the emphasis was more on the leader as ‘boss.’ Today, leaders must be partners with their people; they can no longer lead from a position of power alone. Leaders must move from the ‘command-and-control’ role of judging and evaluating to a role of ensuring accountability through supporting, coaching, and cheerleading."

She continued: "Situational leadership has endured as an effective approach to managing and motivating people because it fosters a partnership between the leader and the people that leader supports and depends upon. In other words, situational leadership is not something you do to people; it is something you do with them."

The two-day course aimed to open up communication, and to increase the quality and frequency of conversations about performance and development. Veloshnie Govender, merchandising manager for Bata South Africa, speaking at the end of the two days, added: "Being part of the situational leadership program has given me a new look on how to effectively manage and motivate my team."

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