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Bata Indonesia Hosts Latest Edition of Product Knowledge Course

From June 6 to 10, Bata Indonesia hosted a Bata Training Academy course on Product Knowledge, as part of Bata's international training program to improve product selection skills for buyer and product knowledge for customer satisfaction.

In total, 15 participants attended the course from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Representing Bata Indonesia’s management team were Imran Malik, company manager of Bata Indonesia; Ricardo Lumalessil, human resources manager, and Hameed Qadir, production manager.

The four-and-a-half-day course took place at Bata Indonesia’s head office in Jakarta, where the theory part of the course was addressed, before moving to the company’s factory in Purwakarta for the practical element. It was facilitated by Jim Livingstone, assisted by staff from a variety of departments from Bata Indonesia, including designers, chemists, quality control, production and purchasing.

The course covers every aspect of shoemaking, from understanding materials, the principals of design and shoe construction methods, to various manufacturing processes. It helps participants learn about Bata products, from footwear to add ons, and about the various materials and how to directly differentiate between them. It also teaches how to deal with costing, drawing patterns on graph paper in order to understand the most efficient cost for each product, as well as quality control methods.

During the practical session in the factory, participants had the chance to make a pair of moccasin shoes from start to finish, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate what they had learned. This included how to draw a shoe, the different types of lasts and how to draw a pattern on the last, as well as how to transfer the last design and how to draw the last on the pullover. Participants also demonstrated their understanding of the quality control process and material testing, and how to define material costs and total product cost.

Taufiek Lasono, department store retail operations manager for Bata Indonesia, stated: “The training was very well-designed and gave us a lot of new understanding and knowledge about the shoes and the processes involved in making them.”

Tan Cui Ying Tricia, senior buyer for Bata Singapore international franchising, commented: “The training is very useful for my job. It also allows me to further understand the production process, so I can further negotiate with my suppliers on pricing. Lastly, Jim makes the course less boring and more fun and interesting.”

Malik added: "Product Knowledge is an important course for buyers. Understanding the materials, components of a shoe, the construction process, the features and design will help them make good buying decisions and provide information about the product to customers. How to define the total cost of product in costing session is needed to negotiate better with suppliers. All of this knowledge will help them to become professional buyers." 

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