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New Bata Training Academy Holds First Courses in Chile

The newly opened Bata Training Academy in Santiago, Chile, recently hosted its first training programs, running a total of three courses from May 25 to June 15. The inaugural courses were the Bata 5 Step Train the Trainer (Chile), held from May 25 to 27, Bata 5 Step Train the Trainer (Regional), June 7 to 10, and Improved District Performance, which took place from June 13 to 15.

The courses were run by Lucia Lot, training specialist for Bata Training Academy, with the participation of Paul Vigouroux, retail efficiency manager for Latam. There were a total of 48 participants from Colombia, Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

The new Bata 5 Step course is designed to help district managers, store managers, sales associates and anyone involved in customer-facing sales to improve their sales and customer service. The course is based on the understanding and practice of the Bata 5 Step method.

Improved District Performance Train the Trainer is a course focused on providing current and potential district managers with the tools required to improve the performance and profitability of their district through the management of the KPIs and the right leadership style to develop their teams.

Both courses feature an introductory part that provides participants with the basic knowledge needed to facilitate effective training, one segment on the company history, mission and values, and a structured part on material and product knowledge.

Fuentes stated: “Training is a crucial activity to make a positive difference on customer service in our retail shops. Today, consumers prefer to buy in places where they really feel superior customer service.” 

For the first time the courses were held completely in Spanish, and the Bata Training Academy Latam will now continue to host programs and courses for all the countries of the Latin American region.

Brian Moya, human resources business partner from Bata Bolivia, commented: “Training together with our counterparts in Latin America has been a good opportunity to share best practices. I think that is a very enriching experience because it serves to share knowledge, and standardize and replicate it in our regions. This is very important for the company and the countries in order to go in the same direction."

Liliana Cardona, district manager for Bata Colombia, added: “This is a great school for us. The idea is to learn and have more tools to improve our work and develop new projects and people."

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