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Bata Training Academy Runs Three Courses in Malaysia

The Bata Training Academy of Asia Pacific, which held its inaugural training courses in March, recently offered three further courses at its base at Bata Malaysia headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The three courses on offer were the Audit TeamMate training, Improved District Performance and the Bata 5 Step Train the Trainer program.

The Audit TeamMate course was held first, from July 16 to 18, and saw a total of 11 audit managers attend from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The course is designed to provide those involved in internal audit departments with a range of strategies and skills in order to improve effectiveness. 

The goal for the program, facilitated by trainers Cesar Villa and Jean Maltais, is to ensure that participants maximize the use of the TeamMate model, an integrated audit system, to identify and develop a standard audit program for common activities, such as stock counts and store audits.

Tapan Bala, audit manager for Bata Bangladesh, commented: “It was a successful and effective training on internal audit systems. Full implementation of the system will ensure successful risk management, including identification, assessment and mitigation plan, audit planning and conducting audit in an effective and efficient way to ensure effective internal controls within the company.” 

The second course, run from July 19 to 22, was Improved District Performance, which saw 11 operations review managers, area managers and district managers attend from Malaysia and Indonesia. The course was run by training specialist Lucia Lot, and the workshop was held with the objective of helping identify areas of improvement via recognizing key performance indicators, helping increase knowledge of Bata’s history, products, types of materials and construction methods. The course also gives insight into the role and responsibilities of a district manager, and shows how to improve performance using the Bata 5 Step model.

Wesley Yap, a district manager from Bata Malaysia, stated: “The training delivered me a better understanding of Bata history, and has given me a plan to improve my district. The product knowledge is very interesting, and I am delighted to learn so many different materials and types of shoes and construction methods.”

The final course was the Bata 5 Step Train the Trainer, held from July 25 to 27, with a total of 13 participants from Malaysia and Thailand. Once again the course was run by Lucia Lot, and focused on how to improve performance using the Bata 5 Step model.

Paolo Grassi, country manager of Bata Malaysia, commented: “This is the second time we have hosted this training workshop. This course is to improve the understanding of Bata history, product knotwledge and the Bata 5 Step, which is the core of all Bata retail people, as well as to show our commitment to improving customer service.” 

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