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Participant Feedback from Bata Training Academy Courses in Malaysia

Mohamad Zulkifli is a district manager for Bata Malaysia, and recently attended the Bata "Improved District Performance" and "Train the Trainer" courses that were held at the country's Bata Training Academy. Bata World News interviewed him to hear his opinions on the courses.

What is your role at Bata?

I currently work for Bata Primavera as a district manager.


Which training course did you attend?

I attended the “Improved District Performance” and “Bata 5 Step Train the Trainer” courses that were held from July 19 to 22, and July 25 to 27 respectively.


Did you meet a lot of new Bata people on the course?

Yes. Especially the teams from outside Malaysia, such as Indonesia and Thailand. Actually this is very good practice for us to meet each other in terms of business discussion.


What was the most important part of the program in your opinion?

I would say customer service. In business the important part is how to take care of our customers, our “boss,” in order to make them regular visitors to our stores. I believe that, in addition to the four “P’s” of marketing – place, price, product and promotion – one more “P” should be included, which is “people.” We encourage people to have a business mindset, and show them how to be results-oriented staff. 


What was the most surprising thing you learned?

Product knowledge. It was very good, full of useful information, and the trainers explained it all to us in detail.


And what did you most enjoy?

The good presentation by the trainers, and the fact that we were able to work as one team despite meeting for the first time.


What would you like to say to the course organizers who prepared and ran the course?

I thought Lucia Lot, who ran both the courses I attended, was superb.


Do you have any suggestions for future courses that would be particularly useful in your sector or region?

Team building and keeping our team refreshed, especially in terms of those on the front line.

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