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Participant Feedback from Product Knowlege Course in Indonesia

Bata World News recently spoke to several participants from the Product Knowledge course that was held in Indonesia from August 15 to 19, to hear their views and to discover what they found most beneficial about the training.

Those interviewed were: Sirivimol Wongtipakorn, product manager at Bata Thailand; Pinmanee Pongnuntakulkij, senior product manager for Bata Thailand; Christina Dewi, buyer for Bata Indonesia, and Muhammad Evan F., area manager for Bata Indonesia.


Why did you attend the course?

Dewi: “I attended the Product Knowledge course to understand better: from production preparation to the production process.”

Muhammad: “As an operations person, I need to know more about the products we sell: the benefits, how they are made and the quality.”


Did you meet a lot of new Bata people on the course?

Pongnuntakulkij: “Of course! Every course I attend is an opportunity to meet and talk with new people from other countries and other roles in the company, and to share ideas during training time.”


What was the most important part of the program in your opinion?

Wongtipakorn: “Every part of this program is important because it is the whole process to learn how to make a shoe.”

Pongnuntakulkij: “The part that is most important I think is activity, the practical element. Theory is the base of understanding but action helps you understand more deeply.”

Muhammad: “The most important part of the course is when we go to manufacture, we learn, see and practice how to make shoes on our own. This way we learn about the process and how to control the quality.”


What was the most surprising thing you learned?

Wongtipakorn: “The most surprising thing that I learned from this course is it’s not easy to make a shoe. I had visited the shoe factory many times, but this is the first time I had the chance to do it myself.” 

Pongnuntakulkij: “The fact that I saw my own ability increasing, and also the fact that we showed great teamwork despite being from different places and cultures.”


What did you most enjoy?

Pongnuntakulkij: “I always enjoy every course I attend because there are new things for me to learn or repeat in order to get a better understanding.”

Dewi. “I most enjoyed the shoemaking at the factory.”

Muhammad: “Yes, when we went to the factory and made our own shoes.”


What would you like to say to the course organizers who prepared and ran the course?

Pongnuntakulkij: “Thank you so much. It’s not easy to arrange everything for many people, and anything can occur at any time, but you guys were really well prepared.”


Do you have any suggestions for future courses that would be particularly useful in your sector or region?

Wongtipakorn: “I think this course should have a part to visit a materials factory or tannery to learn more about materials.”

Dewi: “Design analysis and trend analysis: those two are also important elements to set up the new collections and brand identity.”

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