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Buyers Look at Win-Win Negotiating in China

After the great success of the first Negotiation Skills for Buyers training course last November, it was recently held for the second time at the Bata Training Center in the offices of China Footwear Services. It again took advantage of the buyers’ gathering in Guangzhou for the quarterly Shoeline Review Meeting.

On Jan. 14 and 15, buyers from around the Bata world who were not able to attend the first time were given another opportunity to focus on sharpening their negotiating skills. Due to popular demand, 19 buyers participated in the course, exceeding the expected 16. Nine companies were represented, making the group truly international: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa and Thailand.

The two-day course was designed especially for buyers to help them to improve the negotiation of win-win deals. The course instructor was Andrew Cavanagh, and the students responded to his highly participative training methods with enthusiasm, throwing themselves into the teamwork activities. Participants from different countries and cultural backgrounds were assigned to different groups.

Feedback from the participants at the end of the course showed how appreciative and motivated they were.

Agha Mohammad Hassan Raza, brand officer at Bata Pakistan, said, “This wonderful opportunity helped me to evaluate current negotiation techniques a great deal. We were able to explore the dynamics of both the competitive models of negotiation as well as some of the rules of team negotiations. It helped me to understand tactics like when to walk away from a deal and how to turn conflict into an advantage.”

Merchandiser Peter Nakalonga of Bata Zambia reflected, “I really had a great time because the course was very informative. My favorite part was the role-play, where a real case was used. This helped me to understand how to apply the different negotiation tactics I learned in the course.”

Neha Manektala, product category manager from Bata India, noted, “It was an interesting training course for usability, content, and delivery. We learned many different ways to categorize the essential elements of negotiation. Three areas need to be reviewed after most negotiations: behaviors during the negotiation, the outcome of the negotiation, and the processes, tool sets, strategies and tactics employed. We are all aware of the outcome, but we always tend to ignore the other aspects. Learning about all of the different techniques and methodologies was most valuable to me. The instructor’s knowledge was excellent and honest, and nothing was out of bounds for questions. He brought relevant, real-world examples and made the presentation enjoyable."

Brand manager Mifta Huda of Bata Bangladesh also enjoyed the training sessions. “You know you’ve had a great time when the time flies by. That’s exactly what happened these two days! I go back with more depth and structure with regard to negotiation skills. The participants were fantastic, eager to learn, and I am sure we all look forward to utilizing what we have learned in our day-to-day activities. Andrew knew very well how to rope in the attention of every participant. I thank Mr. Davide Zornetta and my management team for this opportunity. Special thanks to Doris Chu who did an exceptional job coordinating the program and us!”

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