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Training Hones Merchandising Strategy for Asia-Pacific

On Oct. 12, 10 Bata people from the companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand converged on the Asia-Pacific center of the Bata Training Academy.

They came to attend the Merchandising Strategy course, the first time it was offered in the region.

The participants in Kuala Lumpur were buyers, merchandisers, product managers and brand managers, as well as from open-to-buy divisions. They were guided through three days of merchandising strategy by facilitators Lucia Lot and Jim Livingstone.

The focus was on the tools required to develop and execute a well-thought-out seasonal merchandising plan. At the end of the course, attendees could better align merchandising goals of the business, define and cater for customer lifestyle segments, and ensure all collections contribute to the improvement of sales, margins and quicker inventory turnover.

The course required a high level of participation from the group. In one activity, participants worked on creating mood boards following the latest trends, while in another they calculated and analyzed the most important key performance indicators.

Participants were appreciative of the course. Chew Siew Ting, wholesale merchandiser at Bata Malaysia, said, “I am happy and motivated to be participating in this training as there is a high level of interaction through activities and discussions which made the learning experience very lively. The course content and coverage improved my knowledge and gave me new insights into Bata’s merchandising standards and strategy.”

Ramdhan Legawa, OTB manager and analyst at Bata Indonesia, agreed. “I am very impressed with the friendliness of Bata Malaysia because they helped me whenever I needed something. I’m glad to have met friends from other countries such as Bata Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and especially course trainers Elena, Jim and Lucia. It was a great theme, I gained lots of knowledge and updates on Bata regulations and policy. It is clearer with Bata Merchandising Strategy.”

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