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On the Ground with a Training Participant from Bata Thailand

What you sell is just as important as how you sell. This is the idea behind the Bata Training Academy’s Merchandising Strategy Course, which was offered for the first time at the BTA center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in October.

Onnicha Chokviriyakorn filled Bata World News in on the course from the participants’ perspective.


What is your role at Bata?

I am a senior product manager responsible for the non-footwear category at Bata Thailand.


Why did you attend the Merchandising Strategy Course?

I attended Merchandising Strategy so that I could have a refresher on the role of merchandising and key processes.


Did you meet a lot of new Bata people?

Yes, I met new friends from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Some are buyers, but others were from different departments, so it was a great opportunity to learn and share our points of view.


What was the most important part of the program in your opinion?

All the subjects covered in the course are informative and useful, especially the group discussions and tasks during the training. They boost clearer understanding and reflect reality. 


What was the most surprising thing you learned?

Although we have been working and gaining more experience in our field, it was surprising that there are a lot of the merchandising processes and KPIs which are looked over, and those are useful to bring the right products and prices to the right stores at the right time for customers.


And what did you most enjoy?

Not only learning and sharing our own experiences and opinions among the group but also having better perception during the assigned tasks.


What would you like to say to the course organizers?

It was one of the greatest courses I have ever attended; both the principles and practice were harmonious and easy to understand.


Do you have any suggestions for future courses that would be particularly useful in your sector or region?

As a subject, I would suggest marketing principles or activities relating to our business because marketing is an important key driver in most retail businesses nowadays.

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