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Managers Learn Situational Leadership

On Oct. 15 and 16 , managers from four Asia-Pacific Bata companies met at the Bata Training Academy center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for training in an area that interests all in their position: how to create partnerships with their people to ensure accountability through supporting, coaching and cheerleading.

There was a total of 10 participants from Bata Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. They fulfilled different roles as well: sales audit managers, leasing and real estate managers, buyers, marketing managers, retail operations managers and payroll managers were all in attendance.

The group focused on using a variety of leadership styles comfortably. They learned to assess individuals’ competence, commitment and need for direction and support. They then worked on how to enter agreements with people about their development level and the leadership style they need to help them achieve individual and organizational goals.

“I have attended several courses related to ‘leadership,’ but this course is different,” participant Haruthai Jairaktham, who is a business development manager at Bata Thailand, said. “This course gave me a new definition of leadership. I learned how to deal with different people in different situations by understanding the ‘readiness’ of that person for particular tasks. 

“The course leader was very patient and made sure each of us understood the content in detail, step-by-step, and motivated us to make use of what we learned in real life situations.” The Situational Leadership course also included role-playing. One participant would take on the role of the leader and another one the role of a collaborator, following cue cards. The leaders had to understand the readiness level of the others so that they could then apply the correct leadership style.

“I liked the role-playing in the class,” Jairaktham commented. “It was fun and full of positive energy. Having the opportunity to attend a regional course also gave me a chance to meet colleagues from other countries.”

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