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Store Staff Worldwide to Get a “Daily Dose of Knowledge”

The human resources team of Bata Brands is launching an ambitious project in 2017: the Daily Dose of Knowledge.

The Daily Dose of Knowledge is a versatile tool that can be used as part of the induction program for new joiners, or as a training module for head office employees who want to examine certain topics in depth, but above all it is a training program for store staff. The aim is to have a synchronized training session, each morning on the same topic, in all Bata stores worldwide.

The program initiated with Bata India team, who developed a document for a 31-day in-store program, and Bata Brands later took the program up a level with videos. Through these videos, Bata Brands aims to upgrade the know-how of the sales staff by sharing standardized information throughout the Bata companies. The program is now a blend of e-learning and classroom learning to support staff at the store level in their continuous training.

In the first half of 2017, about 35 videos will be developed, each lasting three to five minutes, on topics that will enrich the store staff with useful information and know-how for their day-to-day work. These topics include: Bata history, the human foot, men’s shoe types, women’s shoe types, shoe components, shoe materials, shoe construction, brand identity, the Bata Children’s Program, etc.

A calendar with the topic of the day will be sent to all stores. Each store manager will become a facilitator, showing a video to store staff each morning and commenting on it. In order to give all store personnel the opportunity to fully understand the videos’ content, subtitles in a variety of languages accompany the English dubbing.

For a preview of the project, a translation of some of the technical words is available in the pdf below. It includes translations into Czech, Spanish and Italian for terminology in the videos related to women’s shoes, men’s shoes, boot types, bags, shoe components, shoe construction methods and shoe materials.

Elena Rizzo, head of training for Bata, commented, "The Daily Dose of Knowledge is an ambitious project that aims to deepen and widen the knowledge of the store staff in different topics, all around the world. Since it is worldwide, each single store will learn through the same videos, and there will be more synergy and standardization among the stores."

Click here to download the technical words translation

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