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Talented Bata Kenya Employees “Step Up”

Eighteen promising employees from across Bata Kenya participated in a four-day training course at the Bata Training Centre in Limuru in October. The Talented Step Up Program was facilitated by Elena Rizzo, organization and development manager.

In an extraordinary opportunity for participants, Thomas G. Bata made himself available for a Question and Answer session on the first day of the training course. He also shared his experiences at Bata, making positive remarks about the progress made.

“I know that we now have the right people, new opportunities, and I am happy with what is going on with our products, customer orientation, execution and sense of urgency. I know this is a special year, and we are confident that we are growing in the right direction,” Mr. Bata said.

Attendees participated actively in group discussions and had a lot to take home. Tabitha Silapei, a category merchandiser, had this to say: “The key lesson learned through the training was the DISC behavioral style model. I was able to discover my behavioral style and how to effectively work with other people whose behavioral styles are different from mine to achieve the company’s objectives and goals. The time management and presentation skills covered in the course were also eye openers and will definitely enable us to become more effective in our respective roles.”

The objective of the course was to equip promising employees with the necessary knowledge, skills and know-how to increase their self-awareness and personal effectiveness. The course covered topics such as effective presentation, behavioural styles and time management through a combination of participatory workshops, role-playing, practical exercises and team building.

During the closing session, Company Manager Alberto Errico stated that the company was privileged to have Rizzo come to Kenya to lead the course. He said he was confident that the participants had gained a lot, and he would expect them to be better at what they do.

For her part, Rizzo commented afterward, “The team chosen to attend this training was excellent. The sessions were very lively and the team members were keen to participate. There was a lot of talent and energy exhibited by the group.”

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