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From Manager To Leader

Bata Malaysia Hosts "From Manager to Leader"

The Bata Malaysia and Bata Singapore management teams participated in the new "From Manager to Leader" training course on April 28 and 29 in Kuala Lumpur.

Throughout the course participants learned about leadership best practices based on the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders. This behavioral profile and leadership methodology was developed by analyzing three decades of behavioral research into leadership.

The new course was developed and facilitated by Jim Livingstone, a Bata consultant from Northpoint Training. The highly interactive course uses a variety of learning methods, including facilitated discussions, computer-based business simulations, detailed case study analysis and individual and group action planning. It also involves pre and post tasks to strengthen the learning transfer.

Livingstone said about the course, “The performance of each company is dependent on the performance of its management team. The key objectives of the 'From Manager to Leader' course are to help participants transition from managing to leading through awareness of leadership best practices, and to get them thinking and acting like a management team.”

Davide Zornetta, Group human resources director, commented, "The 'From Manager to Leader' program was developed over six months in consultation with Mr. Rajeev Gopalakrishnan, Mr. Hernan Vizcaya and Mr. Marcello Pace. It was delivered for the first time in India, and recently in Malaysia, and has received an overwhelming positive response. In line with our HR mission 'to attract, retain and develop the best people,' the objective is to now roll the program out to all BSO companies."

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